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St. Bede's Episcopal Church began in 1956 when the Diocese of Atlanta purchased 7.5 acres at the corner of Henderson Mill and Midvale Roads. Legend says Mr. Henderson declined several purchase offers because he wanted a church built on his "Jesus Patch." St. Bede's was incorporated and held its first regular service in the Briarlake School on Palm Sunday, 1960. The first building was constructed on the "Jesus Patch" in 1962. In 1998, a new Nave was constructed, and soon a pipe organ was added and a cruciform sculpture installed as the altar cross. St. Bede's is a member of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta.

St. Bede's Altar Cross

St. Bede's Church - Altar cross detailSt. Bede's Altar Cross was designed specifically for the Nave by Ann Cowperthwaite of Eidolon Designs in Raleigh, North Carolina in 1998.

Her design was inspired by the faith of Bede the Venerable, an eighth century scholar. He was convinced that the earth was a round orb. In the sculpture, the cross and orb have collided and both are fragmented. Strong stainless steel braces symbolize the love of God as a radiant "light," which embraces and holds the cross and orb together. A central focus of the piece is the triangular red space, which represents the crucifixion and the blood of Christ - the pain and the peace. Only one component of the cross is unbroken, the horizontal reach. The arms of the cross remain open and whole as Christ reaches across and embraces the world.
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