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We are very proud of our history here at St. Bede's.  We have been part of the Northlake area of Atlanta for over 50 years.  St. Bede's Episcopal Church is a member of the world-wide Anglican Communion, with an estimated 80 million members in over 165 countries.

We are a community of Christians bound together by our belief that Holy Scripture contains the core of all Christian faith and thought, and many ancient and modern stories that connect us to Jesus and his teachings.

As a community we are working to discover God's hope and call to us through our life together.

Some of the things that define our beliefs and actions in the Episcopal Church are: Anglicans (including the Episcopalians in America) are united by a shared form of worship, based on the Book of Common Prayer.  Each of our worship services at St. Bede's, whether formal and traditional or contemporary and child-centered, is based on formats outlined and or suggested by the Book of Common Prayer.

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