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Mission Trips

            St. Bede’s is committed to the mandate of Jesus to help those neighbors in need, locally and beyond.  We have embarked on three mission trips to our Mississippi neighbors since 2006.

            In June, 2006, approximately 20 parishioners journeyed to Ocean Springs, Mississippi, to clean-up much debris that remained from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in August, 2005.  Stream beds were heavily littered with piles of limbs, trash and other waste.

            Two years later another multi-generational group spent four days in Pearlington, Mississippi where the eye of Katrina came ashore.  The town had been decimated, and our group, under the guidance of the Pearlington Recovery Center (PRC), dug the foundation for a new home, painted an existing home and installed a water heater, cleaned up a site for more volunteers to sleep at Pearlington and made improvements to the PRC main warehouse facility.

            In July, 2010, another group traveled to Mendenhall, Mississippi, to work with Mendenhall Ministries to construct and install a solar facility.  The Christian Relief Organization, World Vision, was the mission trip organizer.  The solar panel installation took place at the Mendenhall Ministries farm and hopes to generate electricity to help with utility costs.


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