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Net Food Pantry

St. Bede’s is an active member of the Northlake/Embry Hills/Tucker [NET] Food Pantry, which provides emergency food for an average of 113 families a month.  This parish supplies the pantry with jelly, donating 1104 jars in 2010.  In addition, St. Bede’s staffs the pantry one month each year by handling the stocking, packaging and distribution of orders for the families in need.


NETWorks Cooperative Ministry

St. Bede’s provides volunteers to NETWorks, a cooperative Christian ministry in the Northlake-Embry Hills-Tucker area.  This ministry is known as a place where people can get assistance during times of financial hardships.  Using community and partner church resources, we create a “safety net that works”.  The safety net includes, material assistance, advocacy, spiritual assistance, and referrals to other appropriate agencies.



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