St. Bede's Episcopal Church

New Website Taskforce

This is a landing page for information, weblinks, etc. that the Communications Committee is using to help define what our Parish needs in a new website.

Parishioners are welcome to read any of the information.  Please send comments to

Communications Committee Meeting Minutes
Website Draft Content Sections
Episcopal Church Style Guide - Office of Communications
Refer to pages 49 - 54 for Must-haves for congregational websites
Technology Platform Overview
This is a collection of the various types of website builders / platforms that would be available for new development.  The Committee has not addressed the task of picking a platform.  Once we understand our content needs and ability of volunteers/paid staff to maintain the site, we will make a selection.
United Methodist Church Communications
Yes, we can learn from other churches.  The website below describes 11 mistakes that are common in church website design.

St. Bede's Episcopal Church
Communications Committee

Nancy Bruce, Vestry Rep

Ray Callaway, Webmaster

Connie Coralli, Sr. Warden

Kay Howington, Writer

John Whitt, Photo, video, graphic design

Laura Ribas, Website Design, look & feel optimization

Lois Shingler, Photographer

Amanda Vaughn, website administrator for other churches

Sandy Spires, website administrator for other churches

Amanda Moore, Content management, workflows

The Rev'd Nora Cruz-Diaz, Hispanic Ministry